Why waistcoat is a wardrobe essential

Picked out one of the wardrobe essentials today and it is the waistcoat. The diversity it offers, is but one of the many benefits of having a waistcoat in your wardrobe.

The waistcoat is one of the pieces of men’s clothing that has endured the dynamics of fashion, over the years, and is still very much in trend.

The waistcoat makes an outfit look well put together, especially because shirts tend to crease with movement but if you’re in a waistcoat, you’ll look as good in the morning as you do in the evening.

It comes in handy because when worn properly, it is able to adapt to a variety of social situations, from informal to formal, worn alone or under a blazer, suit, or tuxedo, and today, we’re letting in on how to look impeccably dapper in your waistcoat.

Here are few basics to remember when getting your waistcoat; – Get the FIT right: Your waistcoat is meant to make you look neat but if it’s not properly fitted, it becomes tacky.

-It has to extend downwards to cover the waist so the shirt underneath doesn’t extend outside; otherwise, it shouldn’t be called a ‘waistcoat’.

-A good number of them have pockets and lapels, put in some detail pieces to spice up the outfit and accessorize also.

So if you don’t have a couple already, do well to add a few to your wardrobe and you won’t regret it.

Source: akinfaminu.com

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