When A Man Loves a Woman…African Version

You see, it’s funny how men make impossible commitments and promises when they are in love.

Perhaps it’s the same around the globe but I can only say what I have experienced in my environment (Ghana).

So follow this brief dialogue to appreciate the communication going on between the man and the HOT lady( Ataa) in this short video.

Man: Ataa, I love you

Man: I don’t Know what I would do without you

Man: I will do anything for you

Man: I can even die for you

Woman (Ataa): Really, You would die for me?

Woman (Ataa): This is a knife, go ahead and kill yourself for me…

Man: Oh Ataa, Did I say, I’d die for you?

Man: Oh Please let’s put death issues aside okay… I meant I would do anything besides die!! lol

Thank you Eye touchcomics for this good dose of  laughter!

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