Tyler Perry says he cant get screens in white neighbourhoods

Tyler Perry’s recent Boo! A Madea Halloween smashed box office expectations last weekend, when it opened at No. 1 beating out Paramount’s Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

The movie’s success also spawned a ton of hotep memes, about people choosing to see a Perry film, instead of Birth of a Nation. But there’s one group of people who may not ever see a Perry film, because of the neighborhood they live in.

“I still have issues getting screens in white neighborhoods believe it or not,” Perry said. “I think the numbers could have been bigger had people who are in the white suburbs had the option to go to their own theaters to see it. It’s something I’ve been dealing with for many many years.”

“All I know is, I have 1,500 less screens than ‘Jack Reacher,’” said Perry.

And he’s correct.
Reacher opened on 3,780 screens whileBoo! A Madea Halloween, was only played at 2,260 locations.
As someone who isn’t exactly a fan of Madea movies, I don’t fault Perry in being upset. But it goes to show that even movie distribution and theaters are still stuck on white.


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