Tips to turn chubby look to hot!

A chubby lady can pass and be a turn off for many; a chubby lady can as well walk by and turn heads, it all depends on how she dresses.

Being chubby doesn’t make you unattractive; in other words, being chubby gives you a chance to even make heads turn, all you need do is wear the dress, put in your A game, break some rules and you are good to go.

8 ways you can make those heads turn:

Emphasize Your Waist

A chubby woman’s strong points are her curves, so what can make her hotter if not emphasizing her strong points? Pull in your waist for a look that would show what you got; wear a dress that would show your natural curves or you could use a cross-seam belt to your advantage. When you wear dresses that are bulky around the waist, you tend to look less hot.

Wear Crop Top

There is a certain unspoken rule that curvy ladies should avoid crop tops, but in all honesty crop tops make chubby ladies even more attractive.

Avoiding crop tops is quite a sign of insecurity and that’s the first step to a fashion fail. Wear those crop tops and remember to put your body into it.

Skinny Jeans Are The Bomb

I feel quite perturbed when I see a chubby lady wasting her figure in baggy jeans. Wearing tight fitted jeans would only bring about a hot curvy look, whereas donning the bogus ones would give you a less fashionable look, more like an unfashionable mum look even if you are still young.

You Can Match Tip 3 With Oversize Cloths

You can wear oversize cloths on your tightly fitted jeans and still look duper hot. An oversize blazer or a sports vest for instance makes for a very nice combo with the tight pair of jeans. However, if it is a long sleeved shirt, folding them to elbow length would make it more fashionable than leaving them long.

Short Shorts Are All Yours

It’s surprising how most people feel knee length shorts are for chubby ladies and the shorter ones are for the skinnier ladies. That’s a false theory; go banging in those fitted ‘short’ shorts and only one word can possibly describe you — HOT.

Heels Make You Classy

I love seeing skinny ladies on high heels; omg they look adorable. But I also adore the chubby ladies that are bold enough in heels; it adds a certain class than the normal flats. If you can walk in it then you would look hot in it.

The Tighter, the Better

One rule chubby ladies should always remember is that the tighter the clothes are: the better for your shape. Tighter cloths tend to give chubby ladies an amazing figure. Give it a try and see how many heads would turn when you walk pass. The selling point of a chubby lady is probably her curves, and how terrible would it be when those curves are well hidden in fabric.

Sleeveless Tops Are Also Sexy

First, sleeveless tops would probably make you more comfortable during hotter periods, and more importantly, they are also fashionable. From your boobs to every part of your upper region would be more appreciated. The most important rule for looking hot in any dress is bringing your personality to it.


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