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Recipe for Ghanaian food – Eto

‘Eto’ a popular Ghanaian traditional dish is a tasty meal which is very easy to make. It is mainly made from either yam or plaintain. For the plaintain option called ‘Boodie eto’, the plantain...

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Quick and easy chilli porridge recipe

You may be familiar with different  porridge recipes, but this porridge you are able to learn off is spiced! Spiced with the unimaginable… powdered Chilli. This porridge is called moko (chilli) Porridge.  How to...

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Recipe for yummy banku and tilapia

Banku and tilapia is a Ghanaian delicacy made from corn and cassava dough. The Banku is served with Grilled tilapia and stew or you can have it with hot pepper.  this may not be one of...