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We here are passionate about one TRUTH, which is inscribed in thick ink as “If we learn to help somebody, we end up helping everybody”.

We are here for one thing and one thing only; to give you the platform to share all the crazy, bizarre, fantastic, blue, hilarious, fulfilling part of your life with all the wonderful people out there.

The team draws inspiration from a girl who was identified in high school to be a recluse – She was always secluded irrespective of the mood of the day; not to even consider the side the moon smiled to. Some tagged her comfort seated place as the ‘Self Exile Zone’ and called her all kinds of derogatory names. That’s not fair; don’t you think so?

Another, confessed that his phone screen never lighted up to show the name called ‘PAL’ and he never heard a hello of different voice from his mum’s. It was always mum 🙁    “as  everyone found me to be an odd fellow, I was always bullied. Mum did everything to make me confident but I simply felt inferior even to our adorable puppy, Zoey. I cried each night wondering when someone would share just one kind word with me” he said.

Well, You can put a smile on a face or save a perishing soul or make that guy drop the rope he intended to commit suicide with.

It is for the people in such unfortunate situation and glorious ones like you that we are here. All we require from you is to post your emotions to spark up some love in somebody’s heart. Truth is, no one is the victim or the glorious, We are all Awesome just the way we are.

Feel free to share stories, experiences, treasured moments and picture with the world right here.

We assure you, this is the only place you free your mind, body and soul without being chastised.

You are welcome on board to change Lives!

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