Step by step DIY-makeup tutorial you must learn for Christmas

Just as beauty is never complete without a smile, a woman beauty lack that extra touch without a little touch-up.

No wonder women do everything possible to put on some makeup no matter how little, every morning before stepping out.

Interestingly, some ladies have come out to confess that the only reason girls wear make up is to impress guys and sometimes even other girls. But there are still some women who do it just to feel confident about themselves.

Now, no matter your reason for putting on a makeup, one thing remain a necessity – Do it right! Especially as we get closer to Christmas day; before you step out for that girls girls party, be sure to put your best face forward.

So if you do not know how to add up some makeup on your face, here’s the perfect tutorial for you.

Watch video below for a step to step tutorial on how to do a simple makeup.

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