Maxi skirt made from batik

Batik short gypsy skirt

Batik short gypsy skirt has elastic at the waist adjustable  for small to medium size.
Price: $15 (Excluding Shipping)

Flare skirt

Blue and black skirt. Size - medium. Waist 27- 29 inches.
Price: $11 (Excluding Shipping)

Flare skirt

Green and black. Small to medium size. (waist 27-29 inches)
Price: $11 (Excluding Shipping)

Flare Skirt

Green batik 3 1/4 skirt. Small to medium size. waist 27-29 inches.
Price: $13 (Excluding Shipping)

Maxi batik skirt

Maxi skirt -Waist - 28, length - 29
Price: $20 (Excluding Shipping)