Recipe for Ghanaian food – Eto

‘Eto’ a popular Ghanaian traditional dish is a tasty meal which is very easy to make. It is mainly made from either yam or plaintain. For the plaintain option called ‘Boodie eto’, the plantain can be used unripe, slightly ripe or fully ripe.

Culturally, it was the food fed to a bride on the day of her marriage and its best savored with a whole egg, groundnut (peanuts) and sliced avocado.

In the olden days when a bride was served with ‘eto’, she was required to swallow the whole egg without biting into it. This was done to denote fertility. If a bride bites into the egg before swallowing it, it was believed that she has bitten into her unborn baby.

On the other hand, ‘eto’ was carefully chosen as a meal for a bride to prevent her from visiting the private while the marriage ceremony is ongoing.

Apart from ‘eto’ being the choice food for the Ghanaian traditional bride, it is a perfect meal that can be eaten for lunch.

If you’re intersted in making your own eto, here’s all that you’ll need!


2 slightly ripe plantains (Hard)

1 Chili pepper

Salt to taste

1 Small sized Onion

5-6 Tablespoonful palm oil

Roasted peanuts (A reasonable quantity to garnish and small amount to grind with pepper and onion)

2 Eggs

1 Large Avocado


1.Boil plantains and eggs for 30 minutes (add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt)

2.Wash onions and peppers

3.Grind onion, peppers and some peanuts till you get a smooth texture (add a pinch of salt to taste)

4.Mash plantains in ‘asanka’ or earthenware pot

5.Add grinded mixture to mashed plantain and mix thoroughly

6.Slice a quarter of onions into 5-6 tablespoonful palm oil and set on fire for a minute or two

7. Add palm oil to the “Oto” a spoonful at a time until evenly mixed

8.Garnish “Oto” with roasted peanuts, peeled eggs and sliced Avocado

And enjoy your special home made ‘Eto’!!


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