‘My father is a source of inspiration’

Aigail Esi Otabil

I choose to celebrate a great father who has impacted on my life immensely since the day I was born to date. Charity they say begins at home, but I would like to add that a good and respectful child largely depends on a devoted and a loving father.

An exceptional father is hard to find, but I thank God that he blessed me with one. My father is a gift of a kind to me and I deem it an honour to express my adoration to him on this special Father’s Day celebration.

My father always showed extreme interest in every aspect of my life including education and religious belief and he supported me like no other and treated me like a princess although I am not the only child.

Source of inspiration

You perpetually had and still have an approach making each one of us feel special. You communicated to me to be an ambitious person. You inspired me that I can have an achievable dream, if only I would work hard to accomplish it. The precious smile on your face anytime you saw my excellent performance in  school invigorated me to aim for the best throughout my education.

Mr father is a quintessence of who a hard-working father is. He guaranteed that I had everything that I needed and even provided me with many of my wants, if only he deemed it essential. He imparted to me how to be caring, helpful, loving and above all responsible for all my actions and decisions that I make in life.

My father is someone that I look up to, to date. He really has been a source of inspiration to me, my siblings and many people who come into contact with him. His resilience to work hard and be diligent in all that he does elucidates the kind of father he is.

Throughout my life, my father has always availed himself  whenever I needed him and I still have precious memories of him and me which I would cherish for the rest of my life.

I recollect the trip we made to the Accra Zoo the very first time in 1989. I still hold on to that memorable experience and many others that we have made over the years. I appreciate his care and reassurances in my most difficult times.

Great father

He continually explained to me that challenges or difficult times are part of life’s journey and are designed to make us stronger and trust in God better. Indeed I could not have asked for a greater father.

During the course of my life, I have learnt how to love, care, listen and forgive by his way of life. He showed me how to be humble in life for the Good Lord to lift me up. He is a true illustration of how a good father should be.

He sowed in me a good seed which I hope and pray to continue to grow, flourish and impact on many lives. Dad you are my hero and your biggest fan. Indeed you have given me a legacy that would be with me for the rest of my life. Love you Papa and God bless you richly, Happy Father’s Day.

The writer is the author of WOMCHILD and COUPLECLICK magazines. www.womchild.com. www.coupleclick.net

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