Is Africa getting poorer or richer?

Is Africa getting Richer or Poorer ? Well, how come the economical growth indicator is on the rise? Yet

No noticeable impact is observed in the lives of the ordinary people who are still earning less than $2.00 a day.
Governments regularly fail to pay civil servants salaries.
The basic necessities of life like electricity, water, gas not only getting expensive but scarce
Africa, known for its rich agriculture resources and expected to be the bread basket for the rest of the world, is now importing agriculture produce massively.

Unemployment is escalating particularly among the young population including graduates.
Children who are supposed to be in school are in the streets doing odd and risky jobs.
The most educated people are leaving the country to work abroad
A lot of young people are fleeing the country at the risk of losing their life while on transit
Young girls strolling in the streets night after night to offer their bodies for small money is becoming a normal scene.
Migration from rural areas to the cities keeps rising.
It does not require an expert nor comprehensive study to determine the gravity of the problem. One can go to the slums, traffic lights, bus stations both in the cities and in the rural areas including hospital waiting rooms, refugee camps or detention centers to witness and feel the level of frustration and suffering people are going through.

The most affected by these events are those young boys and girls whose energy, talent and creativity is being wasted by idleness, hopelessness and frustration. Fortunate or unfortunate, they are expected to be at the forefront when it comes to nation building and development.

To me, this is a priority where we need to focus on and talk over and over again until it attracts serious attention for action. If this is not of high and great concern, I wonder what is? It is quite fulfilling to note that the investment we are considering of putting on the youth of today is an open declaration that tomorrow will be a much better and safer place ie to the benefit of the next generation. This, I consider a double impact and what a worthy thing to do in one’s life time.

Moreover, it is very difficult to comprehend how Africa can really grow, create wealth and prosper when

the majority of its population within the productive age remain unemployed, underemployed and underutilized
Good number of those most educated remains outside of the county and continue to contribute to the growth of host countries rather than their own.
There are no adequate credible institutions designed to help unemployed youth acquire employable skills in different sectors of the economy.
Private businesses that are the hopes of many and the movers and shakers of tomorrow remain small, untapped and unsupported.
local production is not encouraged
Agriculture and manufacturing sector which happens to be the major source for employment and revenue generation particularly for government still remain underutilized and unexploited.
policies and laws of the nation remain on paper and not implemented or get changed to fit the interest of the few
aid money coming to the countries are not properly and strategically coordinated to address the core or felt needs of the majority
business partnership among locals and in the society remain at its infant stage
The news we hear these days over and over again is that Africa is the future haven for investment. This is good news and remains a fact but the question is whose interest is it going to serve primarily and at what cost and how long does it take for the majority to enjoy the benefit?

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