I did ‘Moonwalk’ dance prior to Michael Jackson

Hip-life music genre and ardent member of illustrious hiplife musical group VVIP, Reggie Rockstone has revealed that he did “Moonwalk” dance before American and Grammy award winning pop star, the late Michael Jackson.

The dance became popular around the world after legendary Michael Jackson executed the dance move during a performance of “Billie Jean” on Motown on march 25,1983.

Based on rumors which lurked around that Reggie did the dance first, Dj Murphy Lee of Sunyani based Metro fm went up-closed with Reggie to ascertain the truth.

“Yes it’s true! I did “moonwalk” dance which we call it backslide before Michael Jackson.The person who taught Michael Jackson Moonwalk is called Jeffrey Daniels who originated from the group Shalama old school. They were 3 in number.

There was a show on TV by name soul train so its on that soul train show that I met Mr Jeffery Daniels, that time Michael Jackson hasn’t done his motown anniversary, you know that’s the place Michael made the moonwalk moves that made him popular.

But by that time I’ve lent it long time. So when I went to Achimota Secondary school form one,the juniors normally display for the seniors.

so I did the moonwalk moves that time in Michael Jackson hasn’t done it. Infact,Adjetey Sowah a dancer even did it before Michael Jackson “,he explained.

Reggie finally said Mr Jeffery Daniels recently visited him in Ghana at his DJango Bar night club When performing the “MOONWALK”.

The “Moonwalk” dance, is an illusion where the dancer glides backwards. Initially ,the front foot is held flat on the ground while the back foot is in tiptoe position.

These steps are repeated over and over creating the illusion that the dancer is being pulled backwards by an unseen force while trying to walk forward.

Source: Modernghana.com

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