Hat Fever…catch the heat!

Hats are worn by both men and women, but of late the fashion sense of the style has been taken to a different level making it more appealing to wear hats.

Hats evolved to become timeless fitting the modern man’s style and wardrobe. From adding style to giving your appearance that unique twist, there’s a hat out there for everyone to look in his own way. It has been available in different colour variation and patterns. It can even be worn with both casual t-shirts and trousers.

Among the popular hats include the Fedora hats, Big Size hats, Pork Pie hats, Top hats, Derby and Bowler hats, Western hats, Trilby hats, Stingy Brims among other hats.

Some men who are having issues with a receding hairline or bald spot use hats to remain confident about their appearance as well.

A hat is believed to make men look taller, send a visual message of societal position, and cover imperfections of the upper head.

Source: Linda Abrefi Wadie – Ghanaweb

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