Hans Cottage – meet nature, leisure and pleasure right at the spot

Hans Cottage Botel is located in Cape Coast – the Central Region of Ghana. Hans cottage remains one of Ghana’s unique tourist sites with different relaxing avenues. This is the resort for you if you are looking at a get-away place to hang out with your partner to stay away from the harsh work schedule all year round!


Hans is situated in the same region that holds historical significance of numerous forts and castles notably the Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle. There are also games and parks like the Kakum National Park – a tropical rain forest reserve developed into an exciting tourist
industry with historical artifacts, amusement centers and a thrilling canopy walk.


Alright here is what to expect when journeying to Hans cottage. There is an artificial lake which host crocodiles and many fishes. Right on top of the pond stands a beautiful restaurant where you can savor a wide range of dishes in the coolness of the night.

To crown it all, you get to listen to live jazz music when you happen to be around in the evening.  But wait! there is an ostrich farm close by, don’t leave the site without stopping by to take a look at these awesome creatures. Now, you are sure to travel right into Ghana to chill out! Have fun!

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