Get all the beach benefits from Golden Beach Resort – Prampram

Why do I mention Golden beach resort now? Simple, we all love going to the beach and relaxing. It can sometimes be a hassle to figure out how to stretch out on the shores of the beach to unwind from stress (healing), but believe it or not, it is a pleasurable experience. There are also a thousand and one reasons why you must visit Golden beach resort. Did you know that the beach provides countless health benefits?


It aids in clearing acne, skin smoothness, dandruff, brain strength, and more simply by throwing on a swimsuit and getting to the beach. Whether you’re looking at the salt water, the sand, the sun, the seaweed, or the seafood, going to the beach is practically like entering a spa provided you know what you are about.

Also, you would be cheating yourself if you go to the beach without sipping some cool coconut juice. lol


So now five  quick reasons why you should get yourself to the beach:

One – Sea water is a miracle treatment for acne and semi-permanent scars. Salt is an excellent curing, clearing, and cleansing agent.

Two – Saltwater heals cuts and sores. If you never have been told to go into the ocean for your scrapes then A quick advice here is to go into the ocean? Salt water has been used as a cleanser for thousands of years. It rids the skin of foreign toxins and cures the cuts.

Three – Salt water also acts as a natural shampoo. Have you noticed that your hair is extremely dry after coming out of the water? This is because the salt in the ocean cleanses all the oils from your hair. If you have a particularly greasy scalp, then salt water is an excellent way to strip those unnecessary oils from your hair. And for my ladies; bathing in sea water adds volume to your hair!

Four – It clears your nasal passageways. If you’ve ever gone into the water with a stuffed nose, you know that the second salt water enters your nose, tons of goop comes seeping out and you’ve cleared your nasal passage without sweat.

Five- Swimming in sea water is a great sport to make you fit! This is perhaps the most conservative of the benefits of the beach. When you are swimming, you use muscles in all your limbs (shoulders, arms, and legs) which aren’t used in any other activity all through your busy schedules. So what are you waiting for, back up your bag and baggage and let’s head to Golden beach resort at Prampram in Ghana!

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