Five African proverbs I love

Some many many years before information became easy to disseminate without one getting hanged for saying stuff,  a lot of caution was exercised before uttering a word.   Communication particularly among grown ups or influential people deemed a secret was said in a manner that would not make sense to the ordinary person.

Because of that ‘wise sayings’ which you may know as ‘Proverbs’ was one essential tool for communication at the time. Proverbs formed an integral aspect of culture  and thus was restricted to a special few. Proverbs are didactic in nature and for that matter if a young person expressed himself using them, he or she was deemed a prudent person.

For posterity sake, most of these proverbs were documented and has gained cognisance  among those who cared enough to learn them.  Presently, proverbs have become quite common though not everyone may be  enthused enough to learn it all. So, here’s just five of the most common ones you’re likely to hear people say. So lets begins with: –


  • If a child washes his hands well, he or she can dine with kings – A good character opens doors of opportunities
  • Show me your friend and I will show you your character- How your friend conducts himself largely depicts your own character
  • The day a frog dies we will know its true length – The truth will surely come out someday
  • Love goes where love is – The people you show love to, almost always stay close
  • The people you meet when climbing a tree are the same people you meet when descending – The people you meet in life today, you will surely meet them again someday so treat them well

Here’s where we sign off from our cultural tutoring, let’s make a date soon for more…choa!

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  1. Dr. Brown says:

    I like this page. I will follow your blog

  2. wish there were lots of sites like this to update us and keep the youngsters in shape. I’m really impressed…

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