Employment Opportunity in a Happy Work Place

The article I am sharing next may not have a direct relationship with my main or usual topic “Happy Work Place” but indirectly, there seems to be a connection.

“Happiness” is relative. There is no real happiness when your neighbor or a friend you know from school or University does not have sufficient income even to afford a day’s meal.

On the other hand “A happy Work Place” in the process of growing can create employment opportunity for others and the target group I am referring to in the article can benefit from such an opportunity. It is the opportunity and the good intention that matters most, and not necessarily the size.

What you read in the article is sad but it is a fact and a risky trend to ignore. A county is as good as its people. Therefore, if organizations and corporations that are led by such decent and farsighted people were able to create employment opportunity, their action would go a long way in solving this critical problem or minimizing the effect on those directly affected.

It is unfortunate and heartening to see young people particularly graduates are denied job opportunity because of lack of work experience.  Experience becomes possible only when the opportunity is offered.  Intelligence, creativity and commitment can only be tested and proven by action and not by words. Therefore that opportunity or platform should be made available first.

In the process and due to that specific criterion ie (lack of work experience) the chance for employers to lose highly potential candidates is high. There is a way around this problem if the employers are only willing to explore that.

Good reading and circle back to read a very tentative issue on business success in Africa featured in the next article “Is Africa getting poorer or richer”.  As usual, let me share the following quote before signing out. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” ~ Herman Cain

Your comment in the forthcoming article “Is Africa getting poorer or richer” is welcome.


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