Donald Trump pledges new deal for black America

Donald Trump currently has 3% of the black vote in this upcoming election, but apparently he feels he deserves more. During a campaign appearance in North Carolina, the republican candidate attempted to appeal to black voters and offered a “new deal for black Americans”.

“I will be your greatest champion,” Trump said. “I will never ever take the African-American community for granted. Never, ever.”

During his speech, Trump laid out his plan for “the African-Americans”, which included setting up better schools, lowering crime in inner cities and creating more high-paying jobs.

But of course, he was telling this to his 99% white audience.

Trump also took jabs at Hillary Clinton during his speech and accused Clinton of waging a “war on police” that he said puts black lives at risk, and he called for police and residents to work together.

What else does Trump plan on doing?

He also wants to remove gang members from communities. No, he wasn’t talking about the police.

“Some of our inner cities are more dangerous than the war zones we’re reading about and seeing about every night,” Trump said.

Trump also tried to get black people to jump on his immigration bandwagon, by saying that black people are the ones most violated by immigration.

“No group has been more hurt by decades of illegal immigration than African Americans,” he said.

Sorry Trump. We don’t hear you. You need more people.

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