5 DIY absolutely wearable Bantu Knot tutorials

Bantu Knot-outs have always been a go-to for many naturals to achieve super cute wavy curls. However, bantu knots are an equally wearable style. The style can be somewhat of challenge to get down right. We’ve rounded up 5 bantu knot tutorials that will show you how to take the style from just an overnight do to a fierce look:


Naptural85 heads up our roundup with her take on the threaded bantu knots. You start out using size 10 crochet thread to work with your each bantu knot. Once properly threaded, your hair will be able to move down the thread like an accordion and lay a lot flatter than your traditional bantu knot. This technique creates a more rounded bantu knot that will last for a while.

Adding Hair

Youtuber AllieJ shows you how to achieve those big goddess-style bantu knots with adding just a bit of braiding hair. You can also add a bit of gel for that 90s baby hair effect.

Colored Twists

Maybe you want to add a little color to your hair? Add braided hair in a different color to take your knots to the next level.

Braided strands on a TWA

YouTuber MiriamBoxBraids shows you how to rock the Rihanna-style of braided bantu knots on a TWA. All you need is a little bit of braiding hair. You’ll loop the hair around your own parted strands and braid the braiding hair. Then, you’ll create a bantu knot with the braid to complete the look.

Loc-ed Bantu Knots

Bantu knots can also be rocked with locs! Youtuber GrizzleRocsLocs really showed out with a snazzy side-do.

Source: Blackgirllonghair.com

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