Relish a delicacy from Egypt – Koshari

Egypt as a country is noted for her rich culture. There are records of artifacts of the great King Tutankhamun and pyramids of gold and precious stones making Egypt a place of interesting history.

Cuisine forms an important part in the culture of a people for that matter we will learn something brief on Egyptian cuisine.

Cookery from Egypt is markedly conducive to vegetarian. It relies heavily on vegetable dishes even though food in the coastal areas of Egypt and Alexandria tend to use a great deal of fish and seafood. Most part of the Egyptian cuisine is based on staples made from flour.

Meat has been an expensive choice for most Egyptians all the way through history but vegetarian dishes developed to work around this economic reality.

Koshari – a mixture of rice, lentils, and macaroni is considered by some Egyptians as the national dish. There is also FulMedames (mashed fava beans) one of the most popular dishes in Egypt. Fava bean is also used in making falafel which originated from Egypt but eaten in some parts of the Middle East.

If you happen to tour Africa, do pass through Northern Africa to savor some tasty foods from Egypt! and for the recipes Visit our food page chao!

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