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DO you love Africa? If you do, it makes the VISION more POWERFUL. Better still if you don’t, you only challenge us to want to be better! Africa is laden with rich culture, resources, ideologies among other opportunities. The search for viable environment for booming business has led investors to some parts of Africa. Precisely, Eastern, Central and West African sub regions are emerging as High investment thriving zones. According to the survey conducted by, in 2012, Ghanaian economic growth outpaced each of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (the BRICS). .  Collaborative activities that are mutually beneficial to Africa and investors have attracted business partners from other continents who are gradually moving to Africa.


Vision: We believe that African organizations have the best resources and businesses to harness trans-cultural transactions. We subscribe to the idea of creating the best environment for good economic activities. There are brilliant, hard working and focused individuals with high potential to match up with these prospective opportunities for effective and productive business partnerships.

We however may be limited considering the fact that many investors are challenged to find the right places of reservation, available opportunities, cultural barriers etc. Prior information about a country helps corporations, non-profits agencies, tourists etc to identify, learn and settle down in a country with ease. Increasing visibility of a country’s culture, hospitality resources, facts and so on can be very helpful for investors.

Team: Meet a team of Africans who are passionate about breaking the rigid myths about the state of Africa. Our belief that Africa has all the resources it requires to develop and increase her capacity to the benefit of the continent and beyond, is what drives us. There are also countless beautiful sceneries and interesting relaxation sites to go with it. We basically allow people across African to share their culture, society, tourist sites etc for people that want to come to Africa for either business or leisure.

Social Impact: We see ourselves as a business liaison with all African countries – to us, this means that you, together with us are committed not only to being  responsible to ourselves but synergizes our intellects, drive, Africa’s beauty and ideologies to bring about meaningful social change.

How do we achieve this:
• We provide a platform that allows you to contribute to the dissemination of original information of your own country via pictures, Short descriptions of places, travel and tour agencies, resorts, cultural events, language, costumes, food and so on. Send send it to us and we post it right away!

• We support the growth of African organizations via credible business with other countries because the economic growth of a nation is a great driver of social change. YOU are INVITED to come on Board!

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