A cry from the depth of Africa

A cry from the heart of the African village was a call to a time of joy and reunion for both the young and old.

On a night such as this, the moon hangs high up shedding radiance and peace on town’s folks who meet at the market square for an exquisite moment. Children gathered to play as strong young men flaunted their prowess to the dark beauties of the town as they wrestled fiercely for an emergent winner.

But those refreshing days are long gone with the advent of new and rising trends and urbanization. This generation inevitably needs the myriad advancement by science yet it still needs some calm and quiet. To survive our time, we ought to sacrifice serenity by drifting from village setting to urban settlement and quit the magic of relaxation of the past.


Hard as you may deny this fact, technology has eased society with its smart solutions making the impossible exceedingly possible! So then, it is only fair to say that we must hail science but it’s also okay to stop and look over your shoulder to admire the beautiful reserves of our cultural rudiments that has survived years of turning over the world.

Why? Because the now Africa is crying for moon lit nights (when the older generation shared oral traditions with the younger generation) and a hearty laughter that touches the skies and echoes as far as it wills.

So just fall back in love with Africa of the past and relish its moments, sound of the wild, rumbling tone of the drum and all that beauty and glee as you race into the future of millionth possibilities with all that science offers!




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