5 weight lifting benefits for women

Unfortunately, some women shy away from lifting weights because of the misconception that it basically means sacrificing their soft, feminine curves for bulky muscles and an overall masculine appearance. In reality, women stand to gain a lot from weight lifting. It helps to ensure that those curves consist of toned muscles and also offers a natural way to lift body parts like the breasts and butt that tend to droop and sag over time. So consider expanding your workout beyond the treadmill and aerobic routines.

1. Weight lifting leads to increased muscle mass. Before the vision of morphing into the female bodybuilder version of yourself causes you to lay off the weights, realize that for women, engaging in routine strength training does not guarantee a bulkier physique. It will, however, produce lean muscle mass, which prompts an increase in metabolism and calories burned that will eventually reveal a more toned, slimmer physique.

2. Strength training fights and prevents disease. In addition to transforming your physical fitness dreams into reality via toned shoulders, firm thighs and a flatter, stronger core, incorporating strength training exercises into your workout routine helps to ward off major illnesses like diabetes, osteoporosis, lymphedema and heart disease.


3. Pumping iron helps to prevent injuries. The effects of aging on the body are numerous and some of those very changes that include loss of muscle mass and tendon strength may make us more injury prone. But until someone finally unearths the purported fountain of youth, weight lifting remains a viable alternative. By strengthening the muscles and tendons, weight lifting makes the body more durable, less likely to sustain injuries and better equipped to recover from them.

4. Lifting weights eases the pangs of depression. Anyone grappling with even the mildest bout of depression knows that it has the ability to deplete all of your energy, leaving your mind cluttered with hopelessness and a sense of utter vulnerability. Weight lifting, like other exercises, releases endorphins that can penetrate the thick fog of gloom and doom to ease the feeling of misery.


5. Incorporating strength training into workouts boosts confidence. An effective weight-lifting session may leave you feeling exhausted, but because it is both physically and mentally challenging, it will also give you the mindset of a total badass. As a result, dressing room mirrors and two-piece swimsuits will no longer be your sworn mortal enemies.

source: clutchmagazine.com

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