5 ways to rock your floral dress

A floral dress does not only make a woman feminine but keeps her feeling light headed. However, many fret over what to do with their collection of floral dresses.

But you know what? it can be very versatile and fun to wear if you jazz it up with accessories depending on the ocassion.

So, to maximize the versertility of your floral, here are a few ways to turn necks with you colorful little floral dress. But then again, dun forget to invest in a few accessaries to make this happen.

Throw on a little jacket



Rock some shades ,put your lonesome necklace to work and keep your neck busy… its worth it!



Wearing a belt whether broad or narrow is another way to make your floral dress look different and glam.



Go the classic way with no accessories at all to keep you looking simple but chick.

FloralDress4        FloralDress5


And if you have leggings, scarf, sweater and all the stuff, you see below, then put them all to good use and enjoy your floral dress to the max!


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