5 Things women must not do just after getting engaged

So, after a long wait, your man finally proposed to you with the perfect rock. You are ecstatic, over the moon and the happiest person on the earth. Now, you want to break the news about this beautiful event of your life to all your loved ones, and to the entire world as well. Million thoughts must be floating in your head. You might have even made a list of all the things you want to do next (or, you just feel you HAVE to do next!). But before you proceed further, there are few things, which you should avoid right after getting engaged, so that you can truly enjoy your engagement period.

Don’t start calling your friends and family just moments after your dream man has slipped the ring on your finger. Just savour the moment. After all, this is the moment you have been waiting for years. And, when it has finally happened, instead of enjoying it and cherishing it with your prince charming, why do you want to let go of the moment calling and informing everyone?

We get it that you are excited and just can’t hold the news to yourself; but soak in the moment first, so that you never forget it for the rest of your life. You can always tell your family and friends about it after a little while.

Parents should always come first, when it comes to sharing such a wonderful news. This is the most awaited moment for every parent. Getting to know this news from your friends will break their hearts, and you definitely don’t want that, do you?

So, break this news to your parents first in any way you like, and then spread the word to rest of the world.

Even if half of your job is done by informing your parents, it does not mean that you can now go on to your social media profile, and change your status to “Engaged”. You can get into trouble if any of your best friends come to know about your engagement from a post on Facebook.

They are your best pals; you should share this news with them, before updating your status. You don’t need to call everyone, just few close friends who have been with you in every situation.

You might have imagined your guy proposing you in a different way than the one he did. But does that mean that you should complain about it later to him or to your friends? Absolutely not. After all, your guy came out of his comfort zone for you, expressed his feelings and proposed to you in the most romantic way possible, or the way he thought you would certainly love. What else do you want?

Complaining will only spoil the situation and make him feel unhappy. Instead, seize the moment and enjoy your love.

Next big step after the engagement is obviously the wedding. But instead of jumping into the wedding planning mode or asking him about the wedding plans, it is always better to forget about it for some time, just enjoy the moment.

You just got engaged and this is one of the best things which has ever happened to you, so why ruin all the fun with wedding venues, guest list and themes instantly? Talk about it when you both and your families are ready to take things down the wedding path. After all, it is just not about getting married; it is all about being with each other till the end.

So girls, avoid these few things right after getting engaged and you will have a happy, blissful engagement period.

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