2016 Elections: The Status Quo

So it’s 2016, the year to decide between NDC and NPP. While December is a long way ahead, I find it troubling that; these two parties in our political arena have nothing to offer all Ghanaians. Yes, there are other parties but under our current system, the likes of CPP have been left on the periphery.

Thus, the political, economic and cultural future of Ghana is bleak.

Since Ex. President J.J. Rawlings ushered in the fourth republic, the two dominating parties NDC and NPP have taken Ghanaians for a ride through meaningless talk of development with theatrical tactics of “play ground blame.” These parties spend their time heaping blame on each other without addressing the future of our beloved Ghana.

I would like to address 2 issues in this piece to illustrate how our current political system has left Ghana in the shadows of mediocrity.

First, our current political system is one that enhances the colonial framework of our former colonial masters (England, America, Germany etc). As such the leaders of our political parties are carrying out the policies of “the West”.

Thus, the needs of Ghanaians are the least of priorities for both political parties. Nana Kobina Nketsia in his book “African Culture in Governance and Development” makes the case that since our political leaders are perpetuating the old colonial system they reap the benefits for the West through aid grants and investments.

In essence, they (our political leaders) have become the enablers of “the West”. Why would they bite off the hand that feeds them? Hence regardless who wins NDC or NPP they still shake hands with “the West” waiting to hear their instructions.

My second point is, that we need to starting thinking about developing our own political system that takes into consideration our past experiences, our social location and most important our culture. Professor Gyekye has called this process critical Sankofaism.

This is something that will allow all people in the country to participate in the political process. The current system we are implementing which is the Western Liberal concept of governance is even under attack as it continues to keep people from participating in the political process. It has become a game that is played by the elites in society.

Throughout the year, we will hear both parties blame the other for dumsor, high cost of petrol, who chopped government money etc. These are all distractions; it is time to put our thinking caps on and build a country that will ensure that a child Accra has the same opportunity to be great as a child in Bolgatanga.

It’s time to ensure that gold, cocoa, bauxite and all other resources benefit their respective communities. It is time to ensure everyone participates in the political process of choosing a leader that brings us together.

If we can not achieve the above then we will continue to live in the shadows of mediocrity and we will be wasting the lives of the future of Ghana.

Written By: Kojo Easy Damptey

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