10 coolest light packing tips that works for everyone

Rowan Atkinson popularly known as ‘Mr. Bean’ carried out some interesting packing activity which seems really smart, but very expensive if you asked me.

He had a micro small suitcase in which he packed just one of the stuff he would need for his travel.  Right, that sounds cool but at a point, he cuts off the legs of his trousers, broke part of the tooth brush handle, emptied as much tooth paste as will allow him to create a short tube-d tooth paste, et cetera and I laughed till my sides hurt bad. What an expensive way to pack for a trip!

Well, it could get really frustrating if you have to pack your bags for an event, leisure, visit, tour or even carry out an assignment. That is precisely the reason why you may want to consider going through some light packing routines.



There are surely, other ways you could consider doing it to suit your lifestyle, choice of picks and so on, but here are some easy yet adjustable routines you could adopt as a guide. So shall we start?

  1. Know where you are going. You should consider the weather. You may want to blend into their culture as well so you’ve got to pick one or two for that reason.
  2. Consider your activities. Maybe on your last visit, you did a lot of strolling, excursions and beach time. You missed out on a lot of fun because perhaps you didn’t take a single pair of heels and instead opted for cute flat sandals and so you had to skip that dinner. So this time you’ve got to pick based on your activities.
  3. Plan out your outfits. Planning helps prevent overpacking. Pick versatile pieces you can mix and match for different looks. Bring a few accessories to dress things up, but don’t take pieces, you’d dread loosing.
  4. Pare down your makeup and toiletries. How much time do you really want to spend doing your hair every day? Skip the heavy, bulky hairdryer and curling iron for sure. Make good use of your hair; air dry if you can—and the top knot works like magic.
  5. Instead of folding, roll stuff.  Rolling takes up less space and minimizes wrinkling than folding.
  6. Pack from heavy to light. Shoes first, jeans and pants. Lighter materials, especially linen or silk, should come last.
  7. Don’t carry your shoe rack along. Just pick what you’ll need like very flat. For warm-weather getaways, you may pack a pair of sneakers, a ballet flat, and one (or maybe two) sandals.
  8. Stuff the extras. Underwear and swimwear can be pushed into an interior pocket. Tuck jewelry in a small pouch.
  9. Economize your quart-sized bag. Figure out what your most-needed toiletries are and only what fits in the bag goes. Place it in the exterior pocket of your suitcase for easy removing in the security line.
  10. It’s good to leave a little space. A little room in your suitcase and personal item means room for a few travel treasures to bring home. tour5

And viola! You are good to go to some place to chill. Have fun!!!

Source: http://www.perpetuallychic.com/2013/03/how-to-pack-two-weeks-in-a-carry-on/

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